Rejection 56 - Attend a Random Superbowl Party

I have heard about wedding crashers and party crashers. But what is it like to crash a superbowl party? Would the galvanizing sporting event make people do weird things, such as allowing strangers into their house to watch the game with them? Well, there is only one way to find out:

This was one of the more intimidating requests for me, for three reasons:

1. I would be knocking on a stranger's door for a request that would result in a sure-fire rejection.

2. I would be more than likely facing more than one person. As I have learned, negotiating with a group of people is really difficult, because a group is much more likely to default to society norms and be very bold in making rejections. Also, group-thinking often suppresses individual creativity and empathy.

3. I actually preferred my own party, the one with my friends and actually invited me. When I know I don't want something deep down, it's much more difficult to convince the other party to deliver for me.

Learning: A crazy request usually has a much better chance of succeeding with a single person than a group, and for something I really want instead of something I am lukewarm about.