Rejection therapy - The card game

Rejection Therapy® is the real life game originally designed by Canadian entrepreneur Jason Comely and currently owned by Jia with one rule. The game is made for anyone who wants to build confidence and overcome fear of rejection.

Rejection Therapy will show you how rejection can be an exciting and positive experience. It was also the original inspiration for Jia's 100 Days of Rejection. In December 2016, Jia Jiang formally acquired the intellectual property and operating rights from Jason Comely. 


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Rejection Therapy Game: Classic Edition

Are you just starting out on your rejection journey? Are you looking to start building up your rejection muscle? Rejection Therapy Classic Edition is perfect for people who are looking to get a taste of rejection.

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Rejection Therapy Game: Blue Pill Edition

Do you think you can take on tougher challenges? Do you want to take rejection to the next level? If so, Rejection Therapy Blue Pill edition will challenge you so that you become accustom to the pain of rejection.

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Rejection Therapy Game: Entrepreneur Edition

Want to own a company? Start your own business? Then start with this. This will help you elevate it to the next level. The Entrepreneur Edition is specifically designed for sales and marketing.

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Rejection Therapy Game: 3-Pack

Are you looking to maximize your rejection journey and tap into your full potential? By taking on all 3 editions, you'll experience a variety of unique situations -- throwing you out of your comfort zone and into a phase of transformation. With 100+ rejection ideas, you'll be well on your way to becoming fearless, both in business and in life. 

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Physical Packs (Sold through

Join the millions of people around the world who are playing Rejection Therapy, the revolutionary new game where rejection is success.

The Rejection Therapy deck consists of 30 cards in a tuck box. Each card has a unique suggestion on how you can get rejected by someone in real life. 

Rejection Therapy Blue Pill Edition, with even bigger rejections than the original!

Go further down the rabbit hole with the Rejection Therapy Blue Pill Edition. Each card issues a challenge on how you can get rejected in real life. Face your fears and creating new opportunities, relationships and experiences.

Re-ignite your business and your life with the Entrepreneur Edition. It’s 30 unique suggestion cards designed to expand your comfort zone and your wallet.

Gather up courage and new business with Rejection Therapy. It’s the revolutionary confidence building game – for entrepreneurs!