Thoughts After Meeting Tony Hsieh - It Ain't About Me Anymore

I often wonder what billionaires are like in-person. Do they burn cash to fry lobster burgers? Do they wear cloths made off crocodile fur? Do they drive cars that can dance to YMCA? I also can't help but imagine what I would do if I had a billion dollars, and thought about building my own company to delight my employees and customers, writing books and speaking to inspire other entrepreneurs, investing in technologies that would make the world a better place, and improving my community to attract talented people from all over the world. Most importantly, I just want to be me, a down-to-earth guy who fights for a better tomorrow, with my dreams and struggles, strength and flaws, laughters and tears.

Then I met Tony Hsieh, a guy who is doing pretty much all that.

On one hand, it is thrilling to meet the future version of whom I want to become. On the other hand, I remembered the phrase from Ecclesiastes - "Is there anything of which one can say, 'Look! This is something new'?" Should I be happy that someone has already done it, or be depressed that someone has already done it?

After days of thinking, reflecting on rejection therapy, I think I found the answer - it shouldn't be about me anymore. Nor is it about Tony Hsieh, or Bill Gates, or Martin Luther King Jr. It is about making the world a better place. Whether you are a billionaire, a young entrepreneur, a waitress, a donut maker, a police officer, we all have the ability, gift and responsibility to deliver happiness, one person at a time.

When you, or someone else question if you can really make a positive difference in the world, the answer is 'yes'. Here is the proof.