What Do You Want the Most? What Do You Fear the Most?

My personal journey has given me the opportunity to view and experience rejection in a whole new different level. I no longer see rejection as something negative. Rather, I see it as a way to improve, understand and collaborate. To understand rejection better, I conducted a very simple experiment on Twitter and found something interesting. For the past 10 hours, I searched and collected every tweet with the word 'rejection' in it, and analyzed the content through a simple word counter. I found that other than 'rejection', the most common words in those tweets are 'want', followed closely by 'fear'. My hypothesis is that rejection comes from us wanting something. However, because we want it bad, we fear getting rejected.

Using my personal example, I want to be a successful entrepreneur, so much that I quit my job to pursue this dream. However, because of that strong desire, I feared to be rejected with an investment opportunity that would dramatically increase the likelihood of success.

Luckily, instead of retreating to a safe environment, I shared with the world about my fear (of rejection) and desire (to conquer rejection and achieve success), and then put myself in public to work on my issues through rejection therapy. Professional wise, this has been the best decision I've ever made.

Now, for those of you who would like to share with me, I want to know what you want the most, and what's your biggest fear. Maybe by declaring what we want/fear, we can all work to overcome our fear and get closer to what we want.