Ideas Needed for Rejection Request at BigCommerce

On day 34 of my rejection therapy, I went out and looked for job, and got it at BigCommerce. I followed through with Jennifer and the company after the video, and will make it happen. Today, I will work there for a day. Here is a list of my possible tasks:

* Man the reception area, greet visitors, answer phone
* Prepare meeting space for All Hands meeting
* Put beer in fridge
* Run errands
* Inventory office supplies
* Spend some time with 'success squad' (on the phone with clients)
* Discuss major acquisition targets and potential IPO dates

OK, I added the last item on my own. Whatever the job is, I plan to do my best and leave a good impression for the day. I will also post my learnings and experiences through video or writeup.

I am also planning to make another rejection request for either Jennifer, the CEO or the entire sales/customer service team. Let me know if you have any ideas., or through Twitter at @jiajiang.