Rejection Therapy Game: Classic Edition

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Rejection Therapy Game: Classic Edition


Are you just starting out on your rejection journey? Are you looking to start building up your rejection muscle? Rejection Therapy Classic Edition is perfect for people who are looking to get a taste of rejection.

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NEW and IMPROVED. Changes include:

  • Some cards were replaced with more daring suggestions
  • Other cards were reworded for greater clarity
  • Includes a blank card so you can write your own challenge

The Rejection Therapy Classic Edition has over thirty cards, each with a suggestion on how you can get rejected in real-life. The game will help motivate and direct you into new opportunities.

Try Rejection Therapy today. It’s the simplest yet hardest game in the world.


This license allows you to use Classic Edition on an individual, personal basis. If you’d like to use Classic Edition for public performances, group activities, seminars, training sessions or conferences, you’ll need to purchase an Unlimited License (available soon!).

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This is a pdf download for the card pack. After purchasing, the link will appear on the next page. Please do not navigate away from that page before you download your card pack. Again, this is a download and will not arrive as a physical card deck.