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Jia Jiang, TED Speaker

As a sought after keynote speaker, Jia is ready to help you bust your fears and take your business, church, university, or team to the next level. 


Beat Fear and Become Invincible

One Rejection at a time

Are you held captive by fear?
Do you wonder just what you could accomplish if nothing held you back?
Would you like to find out?

Jia Jiang’s book Rejection Proof will take you on a journey past fear, through rejection, and all the way to empowered courage. Along the way you’ll laugh and you’ll cry as Jia shows you just how powerful you can be when you’re not held back. Are you ready to become Rejection Proof?

Rejection Therapy


The Original Rejection Therapy Game designed by Jason Comely has changed thousands of lives (including Jia’s!). Find out how it can change yours here.


Online Course

Exercise your courage through teaching and one-on-one coaching from Jia. Find out how to break through barriers with the power of rejection.


Jia has been honored to speak at TEDx several times, and one of his talks was recently selected to be featured on ted.com. Find out more here.

Check out Jia's Blog

Jia Jiang, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Speaker

Jia Jiang, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Speaker