Rejection 86 - Pictures with Strangers

When visiting places, we love to take pictures with both man-made and natural attractions, or even animals and plants that are unique to the area. However, we rarely stop and take pictures with people, who are not only vastly different from place to place, but also integral part of that place. While visiting New York, I learned how fast and easily one can get rejected. Now, will strangers on the street allow me to take pictures with them?

Looking back at this episode, I can't help but feel very surprised. It felt very similar to the episode when I asked strangers at Costco to give me compliments - uncomfortable but satisfying. However, this time, when they asked me 'why', I gave them a very good 'why'. 'Why' has become my favorite word.

Learning: Archimedes once famously said “give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” We can't move the world, but if we have a good 'why', and the courage to ask, we can ask for anything.