Rejection 49 - interview a Panhandler

One thing I found about Rejection therapy is that it is not only about dealing with rejections, but also about having the courage to ask for things you normally don't ask, or meet people you usually don't meet. In this case, I went to talk to a panhandler on a highway intersection. I shook his hand to hear his heart-breaking story - a Vietnam war veteran with a young wife and little kid, who has a heart disease that needs operation. He was collecting money so they can go to another city for the operation. I am very glad to have done this, because I mustered the courage to talk to someone I usually avoid, and got to hear his story and tell the world about it.

Learning: we are programmed to behave a certain way in our society, and stepping out of the norm could be a painful experience. However, just like rejection therapy, when you are out of your comfort zone, you get to experience unexpected and sometimes amazing things.