Rejection 44 – Dance on Security Camera

I have seen many variations of the Gangnam Style dance by now - flash mob, cheerleaders, on stage, in studio... you name it. I have been thinking about how I can work it into rejection therapy. Like all my requests, it has to be fun but very rejectable. And one day, when sitting in a sports bar, spotting a security camera on the ceiling gave me this idea. No, it's not quite like when Isaac Newton got hit by an apple, but I did get a little inspiration out of it.

I made my request after carrying out a discussion about medication with the pharmacist - Tasha. I found the chance of getting a 'yes' for a request goes up significantly after establishing a relationship with the person. In this case, Tasha said 'yes' to my favor even before I could explain what the favor was.

Learning: 1. As long as you are observant, inspiration can come from anywhere. 2. Building a rapport before making a request is one of the oldest communication techniques, and it is highly effective. 3 If every pharmacist is as sweet as Tasha, people would get sick much more often.