The Need For Rejection

My rejection therapy has reached a 31 days, which is a full-month. I have learned more about communication and human connection in the past month than I had in my two years of business school. I have learned how to make a crazy request, stay calm and negotiate. As the result, I'm getting many yeses lately. Some of you have expressed that I am not getting rejected enough. Looking at my rejection score (58%), I agree. While I am ecstatic about my own progress and your support, I don't want complacency to set in. A rejection therapy is supposed to be filled with rejections, especially the ones that are well thought out and executed, but still rejected. Moreover, rejection therapy is about getting out of my comfort zone. If I am getting comfortable with acceptances, I will need to look for more rejections.

There are things I can't control, such as my appearance/accent (for good or for bad), my communication effort (I want to apply my learnings and do my best), and people's reaction to my request. One thing I can control, however, is the degree of craziness of my request. To take it to the next level, I want to increase the difficulty of my requests. Feel free to email me at jia at if you have suggestions. Please remember my criteria:

1. It is crazy and difficult, but physically possible and fun. Anything involves jail, hospital/mental institution, or rewriting physics won't work, ie. I won't ask someone to fly off the building.

2. It is something I'm willing to do. Exchanging underwear with strangers might be fun for the viewers, but not for the people doing it.

3. It is moral/ethical. I won't undermine my family or make any false claim during my rejection session.

Thanks again for your support. Your heartwarming emails and comments are really making my journey a memorable and worthwhile one. I hope it is to you guys too.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!