Rejection 29 - Learn Making Chai Tea From Barista

When someone challenges you to do a rejection therapy session right there, it's called taking a dare. That's exactly what happened when Fidel Martinez, the reporter from (article here), asked me to demonstrate how rejection therapy works in a coffee shop. I got up and walked to the very charming barista - Daniel, and asked her to teach me to make her favorite drink.

When faced with a unusual request, Daniel said 'yes' faster than I could blink, which really surprised me. On one hand, she has the personality that could melt most people. On the other hand, she mentioned that she loves this type of request, so she can have fun during her job too.

Learning: A sweet personality can't be manufactured or trained. A good barista, or any customer service rep is justified to say 'no', or to hesitate in saying 'yes' to unusual request. However, it's the non-hesitating 'yes' and going the extra mile that create a wow moment. I suggest any company wanting to offer great customer service to spend more effort on hiring than training, because people like Daniel and Jackie were made much earlier than they were hired by their companies.