Rejection 26: Give a Lecture to College Students

I have always wanted to give a lecture to students. After receiving a variety of rejections/acceptances in the past month, I am becoming an expert on rejection. I believe using rejection to propel yourself in life would be a very useful topic for students. On Day 26 of my rejection therapy, I visited University of Texas and pitched my talk to business school and communication school.

Just like in business, market timing and sales channel are everything. It really doesn't matter what my talk was, because I went in cold without an introduction, I couldn't get anywhere in the business school. I got really lucky with a professor in the communication school, who valued what I offered.

Learning: 1. Product, sales pitch and brave spirit mean very little without the right access and distribution channel. Sometimes it's not about what you say, or how you say it, it's about whom you talk to. 2. If you have a dream or something to offer, DON'T EVER be afraid to offer it. Someone might need it, and someone might be waiting for it for a long time.