10 Audacious Rejections

It’s been 24 days since my start of the Rejection Therapy. I feel I haven’t grown this much as a person in this short amount of time since my first month after losing my umbilical cord. It is both surreal and amazing. Many of you have asked me: 1. Are you going to finish all 100? 2. What’s next? #1 is easy – absolutely. #2 took some thoughts. While it will be fun and character-building to get rejected by strangers 75 more times, which I will still do, I want to use the confidence and skills I learned for 10 audacious requests, the things I want to achieve during the rest of my life here on Earth. I will prepare my heart and soul for these requests, and when I get rejected, it will hurt. I want to remember these rejections, desensitize myself from the pain, and work for the rest of my life to achieve these goals.

To start, I want to give a lecture to students. Coming from a family of teachers (my grandparents, father and uncle were all professors/teachers), I have always wanted to be a teacher someday. Now, I will use my experience both as an entrepreneur and a rejection therapy blogger to prepare as hard as I can for a 30-to-45-minutes talk to students. The title will be “Hope From Nope”, and the topic will be how to handle rejections to propel yourself forward in life.

This Wednesday, I will visit a local college here in Austin, and make the request to give a lecture. I will more than likely to be rejected, but this is the type of rejections that are painful and worth experiencing, just like having my sales pitch rejected by customers and investors. And I am inviting you to follow my journey.