Day 18: Give Weather Forecast on Live TV

I was in Austin's Fox News studio doing an interview about my 100 rejections journey this morning. Before I came on, I saw the weather forecast and thought I could do a good job. So I asked to do it at the end of my interview.

With lights and camera in my face, the pressure was on. It would be tough to pursue my request after the first no, like I did in other situations. However, this was two days in a row when I didn't ask 'why' after the initial rejection, which I'm not proud of. Also, I should have offered alternatives, such as asking her to talk to the producer, and maybe invite me back after my 100 days for the weather forecast.

Learning: same as yesterday, if the person say 'no', kindly ask why, and then offer a lesser alternative if the initial request isn't granted. This is Robert Cialdini's theory of concession in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

By the way, I want to thank Fox for the story. Other than getting my name wrong (I'm Jia Jiang, not Jia Jang), it was a story very well put together.