Rejection Pain is Real

There are people like Jackie in the world, which makes it an amazing place to live and experience. Every day, you might run into your own Jackie, Scott, Robert... However, we can’t expect life to be like a giant sunshine doughnut with rainbow sauce. The fear and pain of rejection is very, very real, especially if it’s on a personal level. That’s why we need rejection therapy. Just to share a personal experience during my 100 days journey. I once wanted to ask a barber to see if I can cut her hair. I figured she has worked on thousands of heads, it would be very fun if some one can turn the table and give her a good experience. She will most likely say no, but that's the whole point of rejection therapy.

During the execution, it started out well, the barber was amused and contemplating what to say, but a customer jumped in because he didn't like the fact that he could also be filmed. His concern was legitimate, but as I explained, he started calling me names and attacking my character. The rejection turned very nasty. (To protect his identity, I won't show this footage)

Now, this type of rejection is different than a simple no. It’s personal. I believe all of you have had similar experiences in life. When you do something well-intentioned, but is interpreted as the opposite, the rejection hurts much deeper. When the rejection is on a personal level instead of action level, the pain could be excruciating.

Many of you have shared your experiences. Some of you were hurt deeply by rejections, whether it’s in romance or business. Please know that I understand your pain. I myself started this journey because I was rejected. That’s why we need rejection therapy. All lives have highs and lows, and all rejections are temporary. If you are rejected today, move on. The next day, a box of Olympic symbol doughnuts or a soccer session in a stranger’s backyard might really put a smile on your face.