Day 8 Rejection Therapy: Get Number One Spot in Best Buy's Thanksgiving Line

It’s Thanksgiving! Yes, you get in line for five hours hoping to grab the 80% discount on a laptop. However, I bet you have never been number one in line before, have you? Do you know how it feels to be number one? Do you know what it takes? No, I don’t have what it takes, but I tried to acquire the spot instead. This is the beauty of rejection therapy. If I get a ‘yes’, then I get an 80” TV for $100. If I get a ‘no’, then it’s the musical sound of success.

I was confident that I could at least carry a conversation with the #1 guy, but when the #2 guy jumped in pointing at the rules on the wall, the battle was lost. You don’t want to negotiate with two or more people who sacrificed their entire Thanksgiving to be at the front of the line when Best Buy opens its door.

Learning: One versus many negotiating is much harder to carry out than one versus one. When making a crazy request one is better off being in a private one on one setting.