How I Built a Website Without Coding

Working at a startup means that everyone is constantly working on something new. One week you’re making a goal setting app, the next you’re helping people tell stories and then you’re creating a website that helps young millennials understand stocks that they are passionate about. I got to build that stock website and here is how I did it.

Hear a Story

When our founder was 28, he invested in his first stock, FIZZ. Why? Because he loved La Croix, one of their drinks. His old company would stock the fridge in the morning and by midday all the La Croixs disappeared (into his bag). His passion drove him to invest in the company. 7 years later, FIZZ had grown 600% and helped him buy his first house.

Have an Idea

At age 18, I have no idea which stocks to invest in. Our founder then came up with an idea of simplifying investing so millennials like me can understand how to. He wanted to make a Rotten Tomatoes for stocks. Movies high on the Tomatometer do well in the box office. Stocks people are passionate about do well in the market, like FIZZ had for him.

Envision a Layout


Working with the founder, we sketched all over our whiteboards. What would be on the website? How could we fit all the features we wanted onto the site? Layout after layout, we finally honed in on the structure we wanted for our site. This initial plan helped speed up the creation process since I could start with a direction in mind.

Choose a Platform

Many millennials like me prefer a clean simple layout. I love a white background with clean pictures. Juggling my different options, Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress, I knew Squarespace was the way to go. It guaranteed a clean and professional looking website with its templates and limited customization options.

Google Everything

I’ve never created a website before. When I started out it was a crapshoot. I deleted my home page at least 3 times, then rewrote the same stock post 4 times because I wanted new formats. Finally, I had an epiphany. Just Google it. Bless Squarespace Support because it saved me so much time and kept my hair from turning white with frustration.

Trash (basically) Everything

I looked at my final product, my hard work, my baby and realized… I hated it. I still didn’t understand stocks and the pictures I had used were confusing and unrelated. I had not conveyed our ideas efficiently. What was a passion score? Why did we use it? So, I trashed everything.

Start All Over Again

Kind of. Sorry, wanted to go for a dramatic flair. I trashed almost everything but kept the bones of my site. I found new pictures, placed more information about the stock on my site and cleaned up the clutter. This time, with Google in my toolbox and a boatload of experience messing up, I navigated the perils of (re)building a website with ease.

Publish (finally!)

I published my site about a week ago and honestly, I feel like a parent watching my baby learn to walk. It’s still crawling but hopefully one day I can get it to walk on its own. As I get more feedback, I can improve different aspects of my site and watch it grow. Shameless plug, but I’m still working on the site and would love if you checked it out!

I'm still trying to improve it so if you'd like, I'd really appreciate your feedback as well :)