Rejection 73 - Learn Spanish at Supermarket

In college, I chose learning French over Spanish. Looking back, I should have given Spanish more consideration, as there are far more Spanish speakers than French speakers in the US. Now, I have another chance. Today, I stopped by Fiesta supermarket here in Austin trying to get a Spanish lesson from a store owner.

After some struggle, I finally got it. I don't know how well I sounded... probably like someone from western Honduras.

Also, as a 31 years old, I won't learn language the same way a 10 years old could. However, it didn't stop me from having some fun. If I can learn one phrase every time I talk to a Spanish speaker and not afraid of rejection, I can carry out a very short conversation in one year.

Learning: 1. El español es un buen idioma! 2. Rejectioñ no fearino!