Rejection 31 - Be Santa to a Santa

It's the time of the year again - gifts, decoration and yes, taking your kid to Santa in the mall for pictures. I have always wondered that Santa probably sat there for hours and days for these pictures, and have hundreds, if not thousands of kids sitting on his laps. Now, we all have a kid in us. Does Santa want to sit in someone's lap too? On Day 31 of my rejection therapy, I went to the mall that Santa sits, and offered him my lap.

There is a reason that the phrase "return the favor" exists. Just like a massage therapist would enjoy a massage him/herself, a Santa would also enjoy sitting on someone's lap.

Learning: Don't be afraid to offer someone his/her own service. Don't assume because that person does it everyday, he/she wouldn't enjoy it done to him. After all, the golden rule says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."