Day 11 Rejection Therapy: Learn Sales From the #2 Car Salesman in the Country

It's hard to meet #2 in the country in anything, whether it's Joe Biden or The Patriots. However, I met the self-claimed #2 ranked salesman in the country on my 11th day of Rejection Therapy. An entrepreneur needs to know how to sell. If I can't learn sales from the best, I certainly want to learn from the second best.

This is one is a little tricky because I don't know how his words will be perceived. If it's negative, I don't want to affect him personally, so I blocked out his face.

Learning: I feel the reason for his rejection is completely valid, although it was told a little bit harshly. If I face the same situation, when I'm too busy for someone's request, I might try to offer an alternative like Jeremy did at Fedex. I might try to say "sorry I can't do that because of _____. However, I know a couple of sales books that are really good..."